Delve into the rich lives of your families history

How it works

With tailor made research dependant on your needs. It all starts with you telling me what you may or may not already know and what you are hoping to gain from the results.

There are three different packages for you to choose from. If there is something more specific you need then I also offer bespoke work depending on your needs and budget.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and I will be happy to arrange a plan that works for you.

Free initial consultation

Before any work is started we can discuss and agree your research requirements. This can be done via email, telephone or Zoom. A plan will be drawn up from your brief and sent to you to make sure everything has been covered. At this stage I can make any changes that you may require and then after signing an agreement the research can begin.

The final report

Once the work has been completed you will receive a genealogy report that includes charts, pictures or photos with anything you have either supplied or that has been found during the research. The report itself can be written as ancestral (starting with the nearest relative and working backwards) or as a descendant (starting from the furthest known ancestor and working forwards) the choice is yours.

Any additional persons discovered during the research process such as aunts, uncles or siblings will be included within the final report. However no further research will be conducted on them at this time. Any such individuals can be researched in more detail at a later date.

You can also request historical context to be added to the report at an additional cost of £25. Any photos of relatives you may like to add into the report can be cleaned and enhanced starting at £10 per photo depending on the quality of photo and amount of detail in the image.

Before and after photos

Pick & Mix packages


This is a great package if you know little to nothing about your ancestors. You can pick either your paternal or maternal line

A total of six ancestors.

Example: 2x grandparents and 4x great-grandparents



Example of Starter package


With this package you can pick ten ancestors to explore. Again the choice is yours about which ancestral line you would like to follow or a mixture of both the maternal and paternal lines.

A total of ten ancestors.

Example: 2x grandparents 4x great-grandparents 4x great-great grandparents



Example of Intermediate package


This package is designed for those who wish to dig deeper into their family history. With fourteen ancestors for you to pick from, the possibility of building a solid family tree starts here.

A total of fourteen ancestors.



Example of Advanced package


You may wish to tailor the above to your needs and focus on just your maternal or paternal lines of ancestors.

You may have a specific ancestor in mind that I can look into for you or a period in time that you would like the research to trace back to.

Any other work you may require. Please feel free to enquire via our email address.


Charged at a rate of £25 per hour. This price covers the research process and the time to write the report.

Additional fees

Any extra costs will be discussed with you at the consultation phase. These may include such things as travel costs to archives or copies of documents required for research. Nothing will be ordered without informing you first.


The price will depend on what is needed to complete the research and you will be fully informed upfront if you wish to proceed.

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